Don't Let Frozen Pipes Freeze Your Business

Our temperature monitoring sensors are a reliable, cost-effective solution for preventing frozen pipes.


ICARE sensors have a proven track record of preventing frozen pipes in commercial properties.


By detecting low temperatures ICARE sensors give property managers the opportunity to take action and prevent costly damage and disruption.


Our reliable and trusted solution has become a go-to for property managers looking to protect their investments and maintain business continuity.

Monitoring A World Of Possibilities

Stop Sweating the Complaints: Use Our Wireless Temperature Sensors to Verify Office Temps

Office temperature complaints can be a common problem for property managers, but our wireless temperature sensors offer a solution. By providing accurate and real-time temperature readings, our sensors make it easy to verify and address office temperature complaints, improving the comfort and productivity of building occupants.

Don't Let Leaks Drain Your Wallet: Use Our Sensors for Real-Time Leak Detection

Our leak detection sensors are designed to help businesses prevent costly water damage to their property and assets. By providing real-time alerts for water leaks, our sensors allow businesses to take immediate action to prevent damage and minimize downtime. With our reliable and trusted solution, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that they have an extra layer of protection against water damage and costly repairs.

Beyond the Basics: Our Wide Selection of Sensor Types for Comprehensive Property Monitoring

In addition to our temperature and leak detection sensors, we offer a wide variety of other sensor types to help property management companies monitor their properties. Our selection of sensor types includes over a hundred different options, ranging from air quality and motion detection sensors to vibration sensors and more. With our range of sensor types and custom solutions, we can create a system that fits the unique needs of your properties and helps you maintain business continuity.

Pricing that Fits Your Budget,
Value that Exceeds Expectations

Whoa, prices on our website? Just like discovering a unicorn in the clearance section! Unexpectedly magical and totally budget-friendly

Transparent HAAS Pricing: Get Unbeatable Value without the Guesswork!

HAAS (Hardware as a Service) revolutionizes the way businesses access and utilize our cutting-edge technology. With HAAS, you can seamlessly integrate our wireless sensor solutions into your operations without the need for significant upfront investments. We provide you with the necessary hardware, including sensors and gateways, on a subscription or rental basis. Our expert team handles maintenance, upgrades, and support, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. This cost-effective and scalable model allows you to focus on your core business while leveraging our advanced technology to monitor critical parameters, prevent issues, and drive operational efficiency. With HAAS, you get the benefits of state-of-the-art wireless monitoring without the burden of ownership, empowering your business for success.

Seamless Monitoring Empowered by HAAS: Unlocking Efficiency without Ownership Constraints!

Unlock seamless wireless monitoring and programming with our pricing: a one-time start-up fee for setup, installation, and programming, paired with a monthly recurring fee for continuous access to advanced solutions. Safeguard assets, optimize efficiency, and enjoy transparent, competitive pricing that delivers peace of mind and exceptional value.

Gateways - $150 Start-up Fee - $20 a month + Wireless Plan (Unless you have a network on site)

Sensors - $150 Start-up Fee - $13 a month

The Piece of Mind - Priceless

Network Cost an 8 FL, 150,000sqft West Loop Office Building: Unveiling the Price Tag of Connectivity Excellance

In this exemplary network setup focused on frozen pipe prevention, we demonstrate the comprehensive coverage provided by our wireless monitoring system in a dense office building. Our strategically positioned sensors and gateways ensure complete coverage of all mechanical rooms, staircases, and near every 1st-floor doorway. This meticulous placement enables continuous monitoring of temperature variations throughout the building, allowing for early detection of potential freezing conditions. By leveraging our solution, you can proactively prevent frozen pipes and the subsequent costly damage they can cause, ensuring the smooth operation of your office building even during extreme cold weather conditions.

Ongoing Monthly Service
Sensors - 24 - $312
Gateways -2- $40
Cellular Plans -2- $75
Monthly Total - $427
The average cost of frozen pipe repair is 10s of thousands of dollars and countless hours of downtime.

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