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Know your properties are safe—from anywhere

Monitoring a commercial property efficiently yet cost-effectively is challenging. In large and small commercial operations, there’s plenty to worry about without having to spend time and money to manually monitor areas of a building that could be remotely monitored by sensors. ICARE  has developed a wireless sensor solution for commercial property management and facilities that can help monitor and maintain proper operation of your building systems and alert you of any issues via text message and email in real-time.

ICARE Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution
Building Monitoring
Prevent Property Damage

Monitor buildings for several types of climate, plumbing, access and air quality issues, such as frozen pipes, water leaks and CO levels.

Immediate Notifications
Immediate Notifications

Receive immediate notifications from the monitoring software when a sensor detects an issue, allowing staff to respond quickly.

Free Up Time
Free Up Time

Free up time by automating labor-intensive tasks. Worry-free, accurate, automated tracking frees up staff to work on more important things.

How ICARE Wireless Remote Monitoring Solutions Works for Property Management

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Starter Kit

ICARE Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution

Everything you need to get started. 1 x Wireless Ethernet Gateway, 2 x Wireless Temperature Sensors, and 3-Months Prepaid access to online monitoring portal.

Wireless Sensors For Property Management

ICARE wireless temperature sensors can help you track temperature levels in critical areas such as coolers, server rooms/closets, and storage areas, alerting you if temperature levels go outside your designated safe range.

ICARE wireless water detection sensors allow you to monitor for water intrusion, leaks, and plumbing issues. Place these sensors around water heaters, plumbing, faucets, toilets, or crawl spaces to detect the immediate presence of water.

ICARE wireless motion sensors can help monitor access to buildings or restricted areas by detecting human movement. You can set the system to alert during certain times of the day or night, or 24 hours a day.

ICARE wireless humidity sensors monitor and track humidity levels and temperatures, protecting environmentally sensitive areas by alerting if humidity or temperature levels go outside of your designated safe range.

ICARE wireless open / closed sensors monitor and alert if a door, window or cabinet is opened or left open. The system can alert you immediately if an area is accessed when it shouldn’t be or a door is left open.

ICARE wireless carbon monoxide sensors monitor and track CO levels in the surrounding area, protecting people and pets from dangerous, toxic air by alerting if CO levels go outside of your designated safe range.

Exceptional Wireless Range

Best-in-class wireless range compared to other systems.

Long Battery Life

ICARE wireless sensors feature industry-leading power management.

Easy To Use

Our sensors and monitoring solution are intuitive and easy to use.

Variety of Sensors

We have a wide variety of sensors for various applications.

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Variety of Connection Types

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Wireless Control and Thermostat

"We've been using ICARE's wireless sensors / monitoring solution for years now. Before we started using their products, we had several issues with frozen pipes in our facility during the winter months. The repair costs and water damage was a nuisance until we found ICARE. Since they installed the system we haven't had any more frozen pipes. We can't recommend ICARE enough."
John Camden
Facilities Maintenance Manager