Streamlined Sensor Solutions for Easy Remote Monitoring

Our sensor technology is designed to provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring your assets. With our user-friendly portal and cloud-based alerts system, you can monitor your assets around the clock and receive real-time alerts if any issues arise. Our sensors have a long battery life and a best-in-class wireless range, ensuring effective communication with our central gateway.

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Our wireless sensors use cutting-edge 900 MHz waves to communicate with our gateways, ensuring reliable and effective data transmission. We offer a variety of sensor types to suit your specific needs, including temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, vibration, and more. The picture above is a typical example of what our sensors look like, and they use standard AA batteries for long-lasting performance. Our sensors can be easily installed using the included 3M sticky pads, which can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

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Our central gateway is a key component of our wireless sensor system, providing a reliable and secure connection to the cloud-based alert system. The gateway can connect to our sensors using either LTE or Ethernet, making it flexible and adaptable to different on-site network configurations. With its robust wireless range and low power consumption, our gateway ensures that your sensor data is transmitted reliably and efficiently.

sensor technology


Our user-friendly portal is a powerful tool that allows you to easily access and manage all your sensor data in one place. With real-time updates and alerts, you can quickly and easily monitor the status of your assets and take action if needed. The portal is accessible from any device with internet access, making it convenient and flexible to use. You can customize alerts and notifications to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring that you are always informed about the status of your assets. With our portal, you have complete control and visibility over your sensor data, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your assets.

sensor technology

ICARE Basic Terminology

  • Sensors: These are the devices that capture data such as temperature, humidity, motion, and more.

  • Gateway: The gateway is the device that sends the data collected by the sensors to the cloud-based portal.

  • Account: This is the highest level of portal breakdown, where users can access their data, reports, and rules. Multiple networks can be associated with an account.

  • Networks: Networks are comprised of sensors and gateways and are typically used to group devices in different locations within the same company.

  • Users: Users have access to specific or all networks within a given account. User permissions are managed on a network level

  • Reports: Reports are tools used to export data from the cloud-based portal. Data is stored on the cloud for up to two years before being deleted.

  • Rules: Rules are used to set up notifications based on specific conditions. Notifications can be sent via email or text message and are often triggered by the aware state or specific sensor readings.

  • Aware state: Aware state is a state that the sensors enter when their readings deviate from the set parameters. It serves as a trigger for notifications and indicates potential issues.

  • User Portal: The online software where users can access and manage their sensor data, reports, and rules is referred to as the portal.

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